Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm here @ Resort World Sentosa ~!

Last Saturday accompanied by Chelsea , we took a day tour around Sentosa. It was a hot sunny saturday, the sun was right above our heads! But it definitely did not stop us from visiting the Asia first Victoria Secret store in Sentosa!

Hopped out from the train , we saw there are still some construction workers cleaning the place, pool, floors,statue & some landscape work in still in progress.

As we walk, we saw this directory infront of us, yea.. we are looking for goods labeled under "Luxury"! Can u see, the 1st row from the bottom shows" Victoria Secret....Level 2" haha..found!

This pic taken right before we enter Resort World hotel.

Once we enter, we saw this 2 huge statues standing infront of us. Male & Female , looks like they are made of chocolate fondue to me ;) but of course it isn't ! Quickly snap a photo of me together with the statues, i look slim huh? kakaka.

then we proceed our journey...entering the Galleria, which all luxury goods are gathered here!

Yes ! We are at Victoria Secret! the store look small. I'm a little dissapointed coz there are not many variety in the store. There are only some T-shirt form PINK, Hoodie, some cute undies, accessories such as key chain, bracelt, perfumes, & pajamas. There aren't any sexy lingerie, i do not see any bras, bikinis & dresses. They don't even have a fitting room. Well, this is out 1sst store in Asia, i hope there will be more coming up! However, I bought a few of the PINK series t-shirts from VIctoria Secret. This is to accommodate with the current hot sunny weather in this country! Especially begining of the year...! I'm satisfied with all the T-shirts that i've bought though ;) !

This VS store in Sentosa , targeted audience are teenagers & youngsters. The concept is cute, not so much on sexy lingerie. If you are a cute , you will have fun shopping there.

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