Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chanel classic with detachable rain cover

Hey ladies... it's been quite sometime i've not blog about handbags. Lately, i've been dreaming of Chanel. I've been eye-ing on a few Chanels at the moment. But it is impossible to get it all at once! As you know, Chanel handbags in Malaysia is the price is close to 10K and above.

Well, my 1st Chanel, i plan to get a large shopping tote, then maybe the classic flap bag. Anyway, when i am doing some research on Chanel handbags, i came across this Chanel classic with detachable rain cover! Although the rain cover looks kind of ugly on the bag, but on 2nd thoughts, this plastic covers really useful, especially when u are in Malaysia, where it rain all the time! Imagine, you are walking on the street with your classic Chanel lamb skin flap bag,(price: 10K) suddenly the weather turn dark..and heavy rain pour!! What will happen to you lamb skin then?? DESTROYED!! i would love to check out the price in Chanel store for this rain cover handbags, cause i've experienced it before, my Miu Miu (full leather handbag) got washed down with the pouring rain... the feeling is really awful!

Here are some photo for the rain cover Chanel handbag.

Black lamb skin with milky rain cover

Red lamb skin with olive green rain cover

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