Thursday, April 22, 2010

Betsy Johnson - handbags & watches

Have u seen a telephone handbag?? This reminds me of the song sang by Lady Gaga - Telephone. Cute, very innovative, but i do not think i will walk on the street with this telephone handbag.

I love this green colour, half moon sling bag.

This time, not only leaopard prints u can see a mixture of zebra,tiger, & giraffe. I find this design very Unique! I have not seen so many animal strips on the same handbag before.

A red lip clutch. This really goes well with little black dress. Simple yet elegant.

hmm.... i don't really like this design. Pink leopard print... not classy, not cute, i think it is just too much!

Something unique. I have this shape, from louis vuitton pappillon.

Oh, blink blink.... always my favourite!!!!

Love this 1 too, i like it because it was design by using different leather or on a bag, create different texture.

Cute..i prefer the silver one.

small leather goods .

The silver range. Silver & grey can goes well with any colour. black/pink/purple/red/green... love this range.

A ring watch.... cute & unique.


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