Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Burberry blue label

To keep up with this younger generation of Harajuka hipsters, Burberry has an exclusive Burberry check pattern spin-off line named “Burberry Blue Label.” Pricing wise, Burberry Blue Label is cheaper than Burberry London. I think because it caters more to a younger crowd so they made it cheaper, and we can only buy this in Japan...Japan only...!!! This time one of my friend is visiting Japan...i give him a call, and he is so kind that he say he will help me to get one of blue label handbag for me :) I am really happy, & looking forward for him to reach KLIA !

Not only whisky have blue lable,green label, gold label..This Burberry also spun-off another line exclusively for guys named “Burberry Black Label,” available only Japan. Below are some pictures of the store i n Japan. Will post some of the handbags & accessories's photos later.

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