Monday, June 15, 2009

Multicolour - super flat first love !

Takashi Murakami once again work with Louis Vuitton. this time most of the colour & design focus on the small leather goods.
The 1st collabration with Louis Vuitton & Takashi Murakami is dates back to the season of spring- summer 2003 collections. Since then Murakami has reintrepreted the monogram canvas in unique & avant-grande manner.The classic canvas became multicolor & was develop in 3 versions. In black or white background, monogram canvas is decorated with monogram cherry & eye love monogram.
6 years after that, Murakami created a new film animation named SUPERFLAT FIRST LOVE, celebrating the new small leather goods in monogram multicolour.

This is the Louis Vuitton store located in Omatesando ,Japan.

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