Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Channel Spring-Summer 2009

Below are the Spring -Summer collection for Channel. I personally like the classic hand painted lamb skin flap bag.Look at the texture & colour, so soft & feminine!

This white looks familiar?Yea, you are right!!! This is the one 黎姿 used in the HK movie series Gem Of Life [珠光宝气] 。

This is not a paper bag! This channel handbag i s made from calfskin. what makes this bag unique is the writting on it "Channel 31, Rue cambon" The whole idea was inspired by the historic boutique gift bag. But this is not my type, i prefer a wider bag. I like the one below, the black one.

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  1. weee! i like this bag too! lol but way too pricey! =P